06. 2023 NEW and WISSHH Website Exclusive – Classic Midnight Black CITY bag and Vintage Brown mini Bag


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The 35x30x15cm in the City Bag in “Jet Black”
The new size 22x17x8cm Mini bag in “Vintage Brown”

These new models are made in RPET: 

For starters, PET is super easy to recycle. You can usually distinguish PET products by their #1 recycling label, and most recycling programs in North America and Europe accept them, depending on their shape. (Side note: Everything has to be sorted, so accidentally recycling trash doesn’t help. Check your local guidelines to learn what can and can’t be put in your bins!) We have enough plastic trash in our landfills already. By recycling PET products, we’re offering them a second life!

Source: https://earthhero.com/blogs/blog/whats-the-deal-with-rpet

Le WISSHH Travel Bags sono ideate per offrire SPAZIO EXTRA, quando serve.

Portala sempre con te, diventerà la tua nuiova compagna di viaggio.

Life is short, travel more.

The WISSHH Travel Bags are designed to offer EXTRA SPACE when needed.

Always carry it with you, it will become your new travel companion.

Life is short, travel more.